Hello lovely! My name is Dana, and I hope to enrich your life and help you to become empowered by showing you what self sufficiency and homesteading can bring to your world!

Traditionally, the term "Homesteading" brings to mind acres upon acres of pasture land, with farm animals including anything from chickens to cows. It conjures the image of old fashioned living and isolation from society.

What do I think Homesteading is?  

Homesteading is freedom.

Freedom because of an ability to do things for yourself, to grow your own food, mend your own clothes, make your own soap. Homesteading isn't limited to people who have an abundance of land, there are many people who live in the city who would absolutely blow you away with the amount of self sufficient skills they have learned and implemented.  

Homesteading is a lifestyle choice.

It is about choosing to learn how to make something, rather than buying it new. It is the mentality of preparation, rather than last minute trips down to the store. It is about planning for the future, rather than the continuous use of resources with no thought to what will be left to our children.

Homesteading is about responsibility.

This is not only learning where your food comes from, but being the person who supervises and nurtures the process from start to finish. It is about teaching your children that there are consequences to actions, in a way that goes beyond loss of TV time because they won't stop fighting. It is about knowing that the only person responsible for what you do, is you.

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